The Talented Phoenix James

Phoenix James – 2015 Face of Soy Spacasso “Manstyle” Campaign

By Maria Luttrell Murphy, Soy Spacasso, Iowa, United States.


Who is The Famous Face to Headline the 2015 SOY SPACASSO “MANSTYLE” Celebrity Campaign?

Ladies and Gentlemen we are honored and excited to announce that The Famous Face to Headline the 2015 SOY SPACASSO “MANSTYLE” Celebrity Campaign is none other than the sexy actor Sir Phoenix James of London, England!

Phoenix James - Soy Spacasso - Manstyle Man 2015_10 years ago, this handsome gentleman from London and I connected on Social Media. It was at the beginning of the creation of SOY SPACASSO and in the early stages of his pursuit of fame.

The years flew by as we occasionally came across each other’s name across the internet highway. We were both too busy to keep in touch until a month ago.

I was in awe to see that Sir Phoenix had built an astonishing resume as an actor, director, producer, Europe’s 2007 Top Male Model, multi-award winning internationally published writer and so much more.

Phoenix James - Soy Spacasso - Manstyle Man 2015 -This HOT actor has been in movies such as Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, James Bond 007 Skyfall, Closed Circuit, Cleanskin, Cinderella (release 2015), Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (release 2015) “2025” (filming now) and so many more.

Sir Phoenix is the mastermind writer, producer and director of short movies such as Visited in which he just released and Love Freely But Pay For Sex, which has had nearly 3 million YouTube views so far. It hits TV across America and Canada later this year and will also have a DVD release across those territories.

You are sure to be EXCITED as we are with all he is doing and more! So get ready to go behind the scenes and travel on his journey throughout the year as I share movies and tv shows he has been/going to be in, his skincare regime, healthy eating choices how he keeps his physique in shape and what makes Sir Phoenix James a SOY SPACASSO “MANSTYLE” Man.
Phoenix James - Soy Spacasso - Manstyle Man 2015