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Phoenix James appearing at CosDay² at NordWestZentrum Frankfurt Germany

Phoenix James will appear as a guest of honour at CosDay² Annual Convention on 9th-10th July at NordWestZentrum Frankfurt, Germany.

Phoenix James appearing at CosDay at NordWestZentrum in Frankfurt Germany

The CosDay² (Short for “Cosplay Day – Day of the Cosplays”) is a two-day Convention centering the topic of Japanese youth culture. The main goal is to create a platform that allows visitors to meet up, exchange opinions and to get to know every aspect of this very special culture.

The main focus of the CosDay² is contemporary Japanese culture such as Anime, Manga, Cosplay and J-Music. Furthermore even western Comics such as Marvel/DC and the traditional Japanese culture or even contemporary Video games take purpose at the Convention. With this wide spectrum of topics the CosDay² reaches for families, children, teenagers and young adults ranging from 14 to 29 years.

Phoenix James conquers CosDay convention as a Guest of Honor at NordWestZentrum in Frankfurt Germany

Everything started back in June 2004 as a private meet up from fans of the Japanese culture, whom wanted to roam the streets of Frankfurt in Cosplays. Through the word of mouth advertisement and the exchange through social media platforms such as animexx.de (social platform of the Animexx e.V. Association) grew a lot more, than just a simple one-time thing.

Through the quick growth of possibly interested people and the rising enthusiasm it was possible for the CosDay to become an established part of the Cosplay meet ups in Germany.

In August 2011 the once known one-day Convention CosDay became CosDay² a two-day Convention which has taken place at the NordWestZentrum Frankfurt ever since then.

Financial support for the CosDay² is provided thanks to the association CosDay e. V.

Find out more about CosDay² at www.cosday.de