Phoenix James in New Channel 4 Television Series hosted by Stephen Fry

Phoenix James in New Channel 4 Television Series


I’ve been modelling and demonstrating the latest gadgets for the new Channel 4 television series, Stephen Fry: Gadget Man (working title). This brand new factual entertainment series is all about, yes you guessed it, Gadgets.

During the making of the series, I’ve been fortunate to test out lots of seriously super cool new gadgets, many of which you’ll see on the show, including a few that haven’t yet been released anywhere in the world. Exciting stuff. The series will offer unique and engaging insight into a wonderful world of technology. Viewers will see how ordinary everyday activities can be made more exciting by using the very best time saving tools.

The six episodes will be theme based and will follow Stephen as he spends a typical day surrounded by gadgetry ranging from ordinary consumer products to extraordinary prototypes from some of the world’s leading companies. The series will also feature a number of well known celebrities talking about their personal favourite gadgets as well as a big-scale consumer check to road-test rival products.

Stephen will have unprecedented access to some of the most impressive gadgets, and will be showcasing and testing them to highlight how far technology has advanced – and show that contrary to common belief they are not just the preserve of millionaires but can be available and accessible to all.

The first of the six episodes will air on Channel 4 later this month. Stay tuned for updates here and on the Channel 4 website.

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