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Listen to Phenzwaan Now & Forever – A Definitive 41 Track Collection of my recorded Poetry & Spoken Word.


Phenzwaan Now & Forever is the essential Poetry & Spoken Word album by Phoenix James. This 41 track definitive collection from the multi award winning internationally recognized performance poet and spoken word recording artist is a must listen for all poetry and spoken word fans, enthusiasts and connoisseurs of the art. Check it out above!



“Phoenix James is a constant amazement. His talents seem to grow all the time. I first met him when he performed in Covent Garden speaking ‘These Words’ with such passion and dedication. I have followed his progress and his journey has been constant i.e. performing arts, modelling and acting. I am sure he has fitted other things in, but these are the ones I have witnessed and they have all been carried out to a high standard. His personality is warm, he is very patient. Phoenix has integrity and is reliable. On top of this he is creative and definitely thinks out of the box. He will mentally stimulate any group he works with and is a pleasure to have around.”
Yasmin Samuels-Walker, Freelance Beauty Therapist and Lecturer

“Love Lounge USA is the culmination of a personal dream. I developed a passion for writing at the age of 14. Over time, the passion grew into a place of escape to process the situations of life. In 2002, I moved from the journal to performing publicly. In 2004, I met an amazing Spoken Word Artist (a form of performance poetry) by the name of Phenzwaan (Phoenix James). He bought such life and energy to poetry that I realized, in that moment, that this is what I was created to do.”
Cherlene ‘Cecie’ Wilson, Life Coach, Writer, Actress & Spoken Word Artist. – The Track Record Magazine. Live Lounge, Redding, California, USA

“A force to be reckoned with. A tireless, inspired and inspirational character!”
Gemma Weekes, author, poet, playwright. London, UK – The Voice Newspaper
“Phenzwaan’s poetry is perfect for my show!”
Phillip Gregory, Radio Show Host. United States – Jazz Poetry Cafe Radio

“Can only be described as compelling, delightful and thought provoking!”
Kamau Crawford. London UK – Progressive Entertainment
“The guy is a genius!”
Dave Carey, Creative Development Director. London UK – Chicken Shed Theatre

“An extremely talented writer!”
Lizie Gower, Managing Director. London, UK – Academy Films

“The Marvin Gaye of spoken word!”
Poppy Seed, Performance Poet, Creative Innovation Coach, Lecturer. London, UK – PoppySeedMusic.com

“A very controversial poet!”
Akosua Annobil, award winning Journalist, BBC & Observer contributor. London, UK – Choice FM Radio

“In depth literary works that look at the life style of young people today. His anti-gun poem will not leave you untouched!”
Wozzy Brewster OBE, Midi Music Company. London, UK – TheMidiMusicCompany.co.uk

“Uses words in a masterly way to make your listening worth while. Capable of carrying right on out to the stars!”
Sally Evans, Editor & Publisher. Callender, Scotland – Poetry Scotland Magazine

“Phenzwaan’s award winning ‘I Write’, from his book and award winning CDs, has also been featured and performed on countless radio and television shows internationally including BBC Three’s SLAM Poet, the first official televised show for poetry and spoken word broadcast on UK television, BBC Radio and also commissioned for performance by actors starring in the successful theatre production ‘Globaleyes’.”

“Phenzwaan became the 1st ever spoken word recording artist to perform at the Annual UG Music Awards on the island of Bermuda, the first ever recording artist to officially launch an album at the event and also the 1st ever performance poet and UK artist to compete in the Annual Superbowl Music Competition also held in Bermuda in which a selected track from his Solidified album came 2nd out of a total of 16 artists in musical genres such as RnB and Hip Hop from across the globe including Canada and the United States.”

“I have come across alot of Poets. Most of them being ok, some of them good but very few being Superior. Phenzwaan definitely fits into that catagory. His use of words is bar none. If you havent heard him perform go cop that CD aight!!!”
Ike Hayden, MC, Under Da PoeTree. London, UK – Phenzwaan.com

“Phenzwaan is young and extremely talented with such a bright future. A gifted writer and performer, who’s range of capabilities is astounding. Now and Forever is an amazing double CD that clearly illustrates Phenzwaan’s awesome talent, and makes poetry cool, and more accessible to the masses. Clever, philosophical, comedic, sensual, and occasionally naughty lyrics make each track a new treat! I am left in awe of the versatility of his talent. And when I play it in my iPod, I feel like everyone around me is missing out a little bit. Feel in need of a dose of inspiration? Buy it now!”
Kimberly Meghan Roberts, Teacher. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – Phenzwaan.com

“What an incredible wordsmith! Phenzwaan does indeed bring light as he intends. This is a man who has found his calling and his artform going from strength to strength. His work powerfully transcends all barriers/genres. It’s all there, the cosmic rays bestowed upon him, his days in Egypt, the influence of his mother, grandmother and great grandmother, the beauty of life and the pain he’s skillfully learned to surpass and an enduring powerful, cosmic voice resonating with love, peace and hope. Rich, multilayered and multitextured work from the Cosmic Wordsmith.”
Fatima Abdul-Kareem, Journalist. London, UK – Create 24:7 Magazine

“If poetry is a language, it is universal. And Phenzwaan masters this language perfectly. ‘Fire & Divinity’ appeals to the reader in many different ways, and because Phenzwaan is so honest and real, it’s very easy to relate and be touched by his words. One of the most beautifully written poems I’ve ever read, ‘If Poetry is a Woman’ is Phenzwaan’s declaration of love to poetry, and it sums up his work very well. He is an artist, passionate about what he does and you can’t but feel this passion when you read his poems. The collection encompasses a wide range of subjects and is a beautiful testimony of Phenzwaan’s wonderful ability to transform even the most trivial things into art. He makes you travel through his words, makes you think and makes you laugh, makes you feel the joys and the pains. His words are deep and inspirational, they’re a weapon and they’re a remedy, they are unique and universal.” ‘I write what I feel, Hardly fictitious when it’s all real’ – Phenzwaan, ‘I Write’
Marion Lombardi, Music Blogger, Podcast Host, Writer. London, UK – Carminelitta.com

“I have known Phenzwaan for many years now and have never seen him perform live! So when I heard he was performing at the Hackney Empire, I had to make sure I attended!! The tension was getting more and more as Wayne Rollins anounced Phenzwaan was coming onto the stage next, I actually felt scared for him lol, then he approached the stage in pure silence, adjusted his mic and announced himself and started speaking to the audience of the Hackney Empire, the silence of the crowd as they quietly listened to every word made me feel even more nervous for him up there but Phenzwaan is by far the best spoken word artist I have ever heard to date. His excellent words touched many people in there, as he spoke out to every person, no matter what race, job title, whatever you have achieved or not achieved in your life, the poetry was written for you! The crowd’s response was phenomenal, And I know he had achieved something great and this was just the beginning of something even greater…”
Jadine Hayles, Fashion Designer, Jah-dean Clothing. London, UK – Phenzwaan.com

“Then came the moment many of the audience had been waiting for as Phenzwaan confidently took the stage to perform his Manchester segment of his Solidified tour. It seemed that wherever Phenzwaan went, his fans followed, some of which had traveled from as far a field as Leeds to see him. The charismatic word-smith performed three very different poems and inbetween chatted to the audience. One poem effectively listed all the different types of people in the world and claimed that his poetry was for all those people equally. Another poem was about how when he first started out as a poet, he found it difficult to be taken seriously. His final poem was I don’t usually do it on the first night, a cheeky but sexy, full and frank tale about meeting a woman and one thing leading to another. Phenzwaan, who has previously been described as the ‘Marvin Gaye of the Spoken Word’ is self assured and sincere and a pleasure to watch.”
Tanya Smith, Researcher, BBC Learning. Manchester, UK – Girls On Film

“I’m hard to convince but Phenzwaan’s literary oeuvre “FIRE & DIVINITY” blew me away. The subtleness of his words is brilliant, point-blank poetry, in-your-face! It appeals to emotions, reflectiveness, lust, romance, sympathy, love, sadness…and gets you to the heart of life with its beauty and at once its severity. Each lyric has his own perfect attraction. You plunge into words and worlds. “If Poetry Is A Woman” is one of my fave, the most beautiful metaphor! HE’S A MAGICIAN IN WORDS! A great manuscript, everlasting!!! It would be wonderful to see him performing live on stage one of these days.”
Dorit Winkler, Graphic Designer. Vienna, Austria – DoritWinkler.com

Also listen to selected tracks from Phenzwaan Now & Forever here on ReverbNation

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