Phoenix James - Tailor Made For Business

Phoenix James in Square Mile Magazine for TMFB

Phoenix James models as part of a photoshoot campaign for Tailor Made For Business (TMFB) & Square Mile Magazine. Conceived by publisher Alex Riha, Tailor Made For Business is a high fashion event aimed directly at men who work in the City and is a first for London in targeting the male business community, traditionally sidelined by the media and retail. Riha recognised that British businessmen, unlike their European counterparts, are given very little information about clothes and style. “We’re taking away wardrobe anxiety,” he says, “and making fashion accessible.” The photographs from the TMFB editorial shoot were for a special feature in Square Mile Magazine.

Phoenix James - Tailor Made For Buisness - Square Mile MagazinePhoenix James - Tailor Made For Buisness - Square Mile Magazine

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